This recipe comes from my all-time life-long number one most beloved cookbook, The Fannie Farmer Cookbook. Fannie calls this Portsmouth Frosting and says, "this tastes of butter and cream, and what could be nicer?" What, indeed?

Birthday Cake Frosting

4 T melted butter
¼ C cream
1 tsp vanilla or rum*
About 3 C confectioners' sugar (I usually sift this)

Mix the butter, cream, and vanilla or rum together in a bowl. Slowly beat in the sugar until thick and creamy. Fannie says this is enough to fill and frost an 8- or 9-inch two-layer cake, but I often make 1½ times the recipe so I can lay it on extra thick.

* You can substitute another flavoring here, like almond extract or some kind of schnapps.

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