Originally from Pillsbury 30-Minute Meals. How easy is this?? It even passes the Alice test -- her exact words were "I want to be a grown-up right now so I can marry this soup!" Yeah, I don't really understand it either, but it's clearly complimentary!

Cabbage, Potato and Sausage Soup

1 lb cooked kielbasa, cut in half lengthwise, sliced
1 (16-oz) pkg coleslaw mix
2 (14.5 oz) cans chicken broth
3 C water
1 tsp minced garlic
¼ tsp salt
¼ tsp pepper
2 C mashed potato flakes

In Dutch oven, combine all ingredients except potato flakes; mix well. Bring to a boil over medium-high heat, stirring occasionally. Reduce heat to medium-low; simmer 5-10 minutes or until cabbage is tender. Remove from heat. Stir in potato flakes. Serve.

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