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Links to sites which sell products that advocate and support breastfeeding!

Please note: I haven't done business with the vast majority of these sites. Unless I say otherwise, I don't know anything about their customer service or the quality of their products. If I find 'em, I put 'em up here, but I neither offer nor imply any endorsement of the businesses listed. Caveat emptor. Oh, and I have received no compensation or reward for these listings. Thank you, and have a nice day.



    Advocate Breastfeeding! Caféshop
Hoodies, sweatshirts, t-shirts, baby shirts, bibs, picture frames, lunchboxes, hats, mugs, stickers, aprons, mouse pads, posters, tote bags and more! Several logos and mottos available.
    Attached at the Hip
Attachment parenting advocacy wear for mamas, daddies, babies, toddlers and children.
    Baby Butt Prints
Beautiful hand dyed, printed shirts featuring cloth diapering and breastfeeding advocacy themes (as well as fun cool shirts) for babies and toddlers.
    Baby Milk Action eStore
T-shirts, greeting cards, mugs, calendars and magnets supporting breastfeeding and the Nestlé boycott.
"Artwork to Celebrate Life." Absolutely gorgeous shirts, mugs, totes, calendars, bumper stickers and more! (A Cafépress shop.)
    Booby Monster Apparel
This Cafépress shop offers many cute designs, including "Booby Monster", "got boobies?", "100% Real, Just Very Engorged", "Yes, I nurse in public. Get over it." and "Mommy loves me (I gave her boobs)".
    Born to Nurse
Cute "Born to Nurse" onesies, bibs and toddler t's (a Cafépress shop).
    Breastfeeding: Always on Target! CaféShop
Stickers, mugs, baby shirts, adult shirts, bibs, more, all promoting breastfeeding!
    Breastfeeding Reduces Chances of Breast Cancer Caféshop
Spread the word about the coziest way to reduce your risk of breast cancer. Adult and infant shirts, tote bags and license plate frames.
    Breast is Best Caféshop
Adult and infant apparel, mugs, mousepads, clocks, aprons, coasters, hats, stickers, postcards and tote bags.
"Advocacy gear" (including clothes, tote bags, mugs, bibs and a lot more) that supports breastfeeding, as well as cloth diapering, attached parenting, home schooling, home birthing, and doulas and midwives.


    Greystone Inn's breastfeeding shop
A Cafépress shop featuring a clever pro-breastfeeding design from the webcomic Greystone Inn.
    I Make Milk. What's Your Superpower?
This Cafépress site offers a wide variety of items with this super slogan.
    INFACT Canada eStore
Really great t-shirts, posters, stickers, calendars and buttons.
    Just Ducky Babies
A Cafépress shop selling apparel, mugs, teddy bears, messenger bags and more. Note: Their main site (linked on the Cafépress page) is now defunct, so I'm not sure this shop is still active.
    The Lactivist Store
Another site just stuffed with great advocacy items -- for kids, for Dads, for Moms -- on all kinds of breastfeeding topics (tandem nursing, pumping, extended breastfeeding, public breastfeeding, and more!
    Mama Moon
Pro-breastfeeding and pro-homebirth shirts and bibs (a Cafépress shop).
    Midwifery Today
Books, jewelry, sculptures, and t-shirts (inclding one of my all-time favorite shirts, "Breakfast in the Rose Garden").
    The Mothers Milk Marketing Board
This UK-based business offers pro-breastfeeding T-shirts for babies and toddlers. Slogans include "I love mummy milk" and "Still breastfeeding and proud of it!" New designs are added every month and can be shipped worldwide.
    The Natural Child Project
Most of their products (t-shirts, notecards, bumper stickers, inspiration cards and magnets) support parenting in general, but they offer a couple bumper stickers that are specifically supportive of breastfeeding.
    Nippaz with Attitude
"Keepin' it pre-skool" -- unique and irreverent clothing and accessories for your little nippa, including a breastfeeding-positive "mutha sucka" design. (Personally, I like the infant scratch mittens that say "Love" and "Hate")
    Nursing Family
This Cafépress shop sells all kinds of products (shirts, aprons, bumper stickers, tote bags, etc.) with funny advocacy slogans like "Breastmilk is boobalicious", "Choosy babies choose breastmilk" and "Lactation for a healthy nation"!
    Retro Mom
A Cafépress shop selling various items with a really cute "Mom's Diner" design.
    Spiral Creations
Shirts for mom featuring "Boob: The other white milk", "100% Boob Juice", and "My baby breastfeeds because I couldn't produ¢e enough formula". (a Cafépress shop).
This site sells a wide variety of clothing, housewares, and other items that include nursing, cloth diapering, and environmental advocacy designs. The link goes directly to their advocacy page.
    Tot Rocket
This site ("Where cool babies can wear what they think!") carries a huge line of really cool advocacy stuff for babies and toddlers, like shirts that say "I only eat from the teat!" or "Breastfeed. It's what they are there for." They also have a ton of other cool shirts for little ones and for grown-ups (like a shirt that says "Teat For Two: Tandem Nursing Mom")!
    Victoria Birth Services Products
Fabulous shirts (including one that says, "I can make breastmilk. What's your super power?"), baby clothes, mugs, coasters, clocks, mousepads and more supporting breastfeeding and doulas (a Cafépress shop).


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