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Beanmom's Nursing Apparel Links now has a sister page listing sites on the web that sell products which advocate or promote breastfeeding!

Please note: I haven't done business with the vast majority of these sites. Unless I say otherwise, I don't know anything about their customer service or the quality of their products. If I find 'em, I put 'em up here, but I neither offer nor imply any endorsement of the businesses listed. Caveat emptor. Oh, and I have received no compensation or reward for these listings. Thank you, and have a nice day.

Businesses with a maple leaf next to their names (Canada) are based in Canada.
Businesses with a purple star next to their names (Singapore) are based in Singapore.

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    ABC Maternity
A large line of maternity and nursing clothing as well as maternity and nursing accessories, pregnancy and breastfeeding information, maternity clothes, nursing clothes, sewing patterns, pregnancy, breastfeeding and childcare books. The home of the $10 nursing bra.
    Active Baby Care
A small, nifty line of "Swedish design nursingwear", plus a great kid's book about breastfeeding and gorgeous nursing/birthing dolls. Based in Sweden, they also ship to the UK, the US, and Canada.
    Aimee Gowns
This site sells some really comfy-looking nursing nightgowns and loungewear. Apparel Store
A surprisingly large selection of nursing bras and clothing.
This lingerie company offers a modest selection of nursing bras.
This UK-based company sells nursing bras, among many other lingerie and swimwear items.
This UK-based site offers "a wide choice of high quality plus size [l]ingerie in back sizes 32 - 56 and cup sizes D - L", including a nice selection of nursing bras.
    Baby Diner
"Gourmet nursing shirts" with an ingenious (patent pending) design.
    The Baby
This Malaysian site calls itself "your cozy online store for unique & practical parenting gems." Among many baby and mama items, they sell a large selection of nursing tops, dresses, sleepwear and lingerie.
    Baby Moon
This is primarily the website for a Lactation Consultant in Monterey, California. But she sells the Glamourmom tank, Bravado Bras and the Precious Creations line of maternity and nursingwear as well as slings and Medela products and pumps, and she offers shipping on most items.
    Baby's Buzz Boutique
"Fine Products for Mothers and Children", including a whole bunch of nursing apparel from Bravado, GlamourMom, Bella Materna, Majamas, Larriva and more!
    Baby's Enchanted Garden
This "baby and mom shop" sells nursing necklaces and Bravado bras and nightgowns, as well as many other things including Boppies, bibs, slings, cloth diapers, aromatherapy products, toys, etc.
Along with pretty much everything else you can imagine, this site offers nursing bras and camisoles.
    Baker Lane Dressmaking & Design
A gorgeous line of patterns for maternity/nursing dresses in the "Motherhood Clothing" section of the Catalogue.
    Bare Necessities
Enter "nursing" in their searchbox to find Leading Lady and Olga nursing bras.
    Baubulz/Bloom'n Fashions
This ebay store offers "maternity clothing, breastfeeding tops and dresses, and a few nursing bras".
    Beach Maternity
This Australian site specializes in maternity and nursing swimwear. They ship internationally!
    Be By Baby!
This site sells a large selection of nursing bras, tops, dresses, sleepwear, swimwear, and more!
This Netherlands-based business sells various slings and baby carriers along with nursing shirts, etc.
The maternity site sells a few nursing bras and tops.
    Bella Mama
This site calls itself "UK's Best Breastfeeding Clothing Boutique!"
    Belly Dance Baby
This is the sister site of Belly Dance Maternity (below), and they seem to sell a few nursing items that the other site doesn't...?
    Belly Dance Maternity
Mostly a maternity site, you can buy the Bravado and Majamas lines here.
This website is entirely in German (and I don't speak German), but as far as I can tell they sell a line of nursingwear along with bags, slings, breastpumps, baby furniture, and much more!
    Betty and Belle
This UK-based business specializes in providing expert fitting advice face to face, by telephone and by e-mail. They stock a large range of nursing and maternity bras.
    Beyond Maternity
This business sells a large and affordable selection of nursing wear (tops, bras, sleepwear and dresses), including some "transitional dresses" intended to fit during "early-mid pregnancy (or longer)" as well as postpartum. Tandem nursers unite!
    BF Moms
This Hong Kong-based site is written in Chinese, but I'm told they sell nursing clothes and bras!
    Big Girls' Bras
A great resource for bras, panties, girdles, etc. on the WWW. Their inventory includes a small selection of maternity and nursing bras.
    Birth and Baby
Clicking on "Nursing Fashions" under "Clothing" will take you directly to their page of nursing fashions. They offer apparel from Care Wear, Casual Discretions, Fit for Two, GEM, Inkibabe, Japanese Weekend, Jeunique, Mama Mia, Maternity Blues, Matthew Cole Maternity Club, Mother Two Be, Precious Cargo, Precious Secret, Prego, and Tulah Clothing. Clicking on "Nursing Bras" (also under "Clothing") will allow you to order bras by Albarella, CozyLoungewear, Decent Exposures, Fancee Free, Goddess, Inkibabe, Japanese Weekend, Jeunique, Leading Lady, Medela, Melinda G, Olga, Playtex, and QT Foundations. There are also categories specifically for Small Sizes, Large Sizes, Front Snap Cup Closures, Black Bras, and Closeouts and Sales. Talk about one-stop shopping!!
A nice selection of nursing bras, along with breastpumps and nursing pillows.
    Blessed Designs
This site describes itself as "a cottage pattern company specializing in modest sewing patterns for mothers." They specialize in patterns for nursing clothes! Singapore
A Singapore-based business offering a full line of attractive nursing apparel, as well as baby and maternity items, gift sets, etc.
    Bloom Maternity
This maternity store sells a few cute nursing tops, some nursing nightwear, and a few nursing bras.
    Blossom Mother and Child
This UK-based maternity site offers a nice selection of nursing bras and apparel.
    Bodywise Australia
Sells "Full Bloom" nursing bras.
Boob produces a large line of nursing and maternity wear. The Boob® patented nursing design looks very easy to use, and the clothing is lovely! Note: you can't order directly from this site (I don't think), but there is an extensive store locator (and some of the stores it locates have online sales).
    Born & Bond Singapore
A Singapore-based business selling a nice selection of casual and dressy nursing apparel, as well as the "Baby Bond" sling.
    Born to Love
Bravado bras and patterns for sew-your-own nursing clothes, as well as diapers and diapering supplies, books, toys, skin care, and more.
    Bosom Buddies Canada Canadian
This site sells a very large selection of nursing apparel, as well as slings and books. The prices are great (even for those of us in the U.S. -- check out the currency converter)!
This UK-based site sells a nice selection of maternity/nursing bras.
    Bravado! Designs Canadian
My personal favorite maternity/nursing bra. Also offering maternity underwear, breast pads and children's underwear.
A nice selection of nursing bras for the large-breasted woman, in cup sizes from D-L.
    Breakout Bras
A large selection of bras for nursing, maternity, and full-figured women, all at great prices.
    Breastfeeding Essentials
The Lansinoh line of nursing shirts and nightwear, along with a huge selection of breastfeeding supplies, bras, pumps, books and more.
    Breast Feeding
This site actually sells more maternity clothing than nursing clothing, but there's stuff for nursing in there, too!
    Breast Is Best Clothing For Nursing Mothers Canadian
Large selection, including a Clearance page!
    BumbleWee Nursing Wear Canadian
This site sells a large selection of nursing apparel and maternity tops.
    Bump, Baby & Beyond
This Australian site specializes in "affordable maternity and breastfeeding fashion." Most of their maternity and nursing wear is around 50% off the normal retail price.
    Bumps Maternity
This UK-based business sells, along with a large selection of maternity wear, a line of nursing bras (including a very comfortable-looking sleep/nursing bra).
    Cecily Plum
"Beautiful Clothes and Gifts for Pregnant and New Mums" -- they sell a large line of nursing clothes and accessories.
    Cheeky Monkey Canadian
Bravado, Glamourmom, Majamas, and some assorted nice tops.
    Clever Mummy
This UK-based site sells a very large selection of nursing apparel at very reasonable prices!
    Common Sense Patterns
This site offers one pattern for a nursing dress, on the "Common Sense Patterns" page, at the bottom.
This site sells gorgeous "luxurious intimate apparel for breastfeeding mothers".
    Converting a Regular Bra into a Nursing Bra
Not a business, but a way to save some money -- very clear instructions for creating nursing access in any bra.
    Converting a Regular Bra into a Pumping Bra
Much the same as the above, with a subtle difference.
They sell a unique nursing bra + camisole + corset product which provides nursing access, support and body-shaping.
    Crepe-Suzette Foundations
This site features several nursing bras by Annette and Playtex.
    Cuddle Baby
Lovely handmade nursing tunics plus many other wonderful items like cloth diapers, slings, toys, etc.
This Australian site sells a large range of nursing apparel including "sexy maternity lingerie and breastfeeding lingerie, stylish breastfeeding sleepwear, funky nursing pyjamas and nursing tanks and camis with built in bra support", and they "specialise in stunning Hollywood style breastfeeding eveningwear and nursing dresses." They have plus sizes, too!
    Decent Exposures
A totally different, very comfortable nursing bra! Plus other apparel items, diapers and more.
    Diaper Safari
Mostly cloth diapers and diapering accessories, but they also sell Bravado bras and other nice things for mom.
    The Dollar Stretcher
Ok, this isn't technically a nursing apparel business, but this link goes to a page of reader tips on building an affordable nursing wardrobe.
    Double Blessings
Aimed towards parents of twins, this site sells (among other things) "EZ-2-Nurse " nursing T's.
    Due Maternity
Another mostly-maternity website. They sell some really great nursing tops by Larrivo, Bella Materna, Majamas, Lait and Glamour Mom, as well as nursing nightwear by Japanese Weekend and Coco and nursing bras from some of the same brands (plus Bravado and Noppies).
    Earthy Babes
Carries the Majamas line of nursing wear, the Glamourmom nursing tanks, and Anita nursing bras, as well as just about anything else you would need for pregnancy, nursing, and natural mothering.
    Earthy Birthy Mama
This site carries the Glamourmom nursing tanks, plus a whole range of cool mama and baby products like toys, slings, cloth diapers, kid's furniture, and much more!
    eBay Listings: Nursing
eBay now has a separate category for auctions of nursing apparel. Check it out, you may get a deal!
    Elizabeth Lee Designs
The source for patterns for sew-it-yourself nursing apparel. They also sell nursing bras.
"Discount new and used maternity clothes, nursing and maternity lingerie" -- mostly maternity, but they sell some nursing bras, and some other stuff, too.
    Euphoria Maternity
"A wide selection of stylish maternity clothing and nursing clothing by all of your favorite designers".
    Eva Lillian
This "Maternity & Nursing Boutique" offers a large selection of nursing apparel as well as gorgeous nursing necklaces, incredibly sexy nursing bras with matching garters, and much more!
    Eve Alexander
This site sells "Sexy Nursing Bras... for your love life. For yourself." They have a lot of really pretty nursing bras, as well as a huge line of maternity lingerie, swimsuits, and tops.
    Everyday Maternity
This UK-based site sells Boob Nursing Wear, bamboo organic nursing tops, etc.
A new site specializing in career and special occasion nursing apparel, featuring a lovely line of clothes. They are slowly expanding their offerings to include more casual items, as well. They also have a sale page!
    Fertile Mind
This company, based in Australia, sells maternity and nursing clothes (mostly Glamourmom) as well as toys and baby supplies.
This lingerie company offers a very large selection of nursing bras, many in brands I've never seen anywhere else. Use the Style pulldown in the Bra Finder on the left, or just enter "nursing" into the search box.
A large selection of maternity and nursing apparel to "take you from pregnancy to motherhood in cool stylish comfort".
    Fit Maternity & Beyond
Workout clothing, swimsuits and other accessories for an active maternity lifestyle, plus several styles of nursing bras
    The Glamourmom Nursing Top
"The essential combination of a tank top with a built-in nursing bra". A little pricey, but a very cool idea, in my opinion!


    Isabella Oliver
This London-based business offers a large selection of maternity and nursing apparel.
    Japanese Weekend
Mostly maternity, but a line of nursing clothes and bras as well. They have a sale page!
    JC Penney
A large selection of nursing bras, plus everything else that JC Penney sells.
A UK-based business selling "comfortable yet fashionable maternitywear, adorable baby and kids clothes, and the best selection of practical, innovative products and original funky toys". They sell nursing tops, dresses and bras in their maternity section, and even have a clearance page.
    Just My Size
This plus-size bra site offers a modest selection of nursing bras.
    The King's Daughters
"Custom-made high-quality modest apparel for mothers and daughters" -- including a nice selection of modest maternity and nursing dresses and aprons.
Search for "nursing" to find a few bras and some nursing covers.
    Kyra Mommy Wear
A nice line of very affordable nursing apparel. I wore my nursing nightgown from Kyra for years, until it finally fell apart! Also selling maternity...
    Lactation Connection
Nursing bras, gowns, tops, dresses and swimsuits, plus breastpumps, baby scales, slings, baby gifts, furniture, herbs, maternity support belts, and more.
    La Leche League International
The world's foremost authority on breastfeeding now sells nursing bras, tanks, and sleepwear as well as matching panties, gift items, and baby apparel.
    La Mama Maternity & More
This store offers a nice big selection of nursing apparel and accessories.
    Lauren Silva Intimate Apparel
A huge line of lingerie of all kinds, including Leading Lady, Goddess, Bravado, Grenier and Anita nursing bras.
    Leading Lady
Leading Lady is one of the preeminent manufacturers of nursing and maternity bras, as well as full figure bras (including full figure nursing bras)!
    Lilies of the Field
Manufacturers of "attractive, modest, feminine, high quality clothing for girls and ladies", including a "great selection of maternity/nursing wear.".
    Love Maternity
This UK site sells mostly maternity, but carries a few nursing bras and tops.
They're based in Taiwan, and they sell nursingwear. I don't know anything else, because I can't read the website.
    Marks & Spencer
"A range of maternity and nursing bras offering the best in comfort, support and fit during and after pregnancy" -- UK-based, of course.
    Maternalove Singapore
This Singapore-based site sells "stylish nursing wear for fashionista mums"!
    Maternity Bras Online
This UK-based business offers a large selection of maternity and nursing bras, including plus-sized bras up to 48J.
    Maternity in Style
A very large line of maternity clothing plus a small selection of nursing tops (with matching pants) and dresses.
This site offers stylish and affordable maternity and nursing wear in all sizes small to plus, designed and made in Australia.
    Milk & Baby
This site sells a large selection of nursingwear and dual-function maternity/nursing apparel.
    MilkChic UK
This UK site doesn't sell anything itself, but is instead "a site highlighting clothing in high street stores (UK currently) that work for breastfeeding. So more like a directory, and it points to lots of "regular" items on other stores' sites that would be nursing friendly. Cool!
    Milk Diva Canadian
This business offers a full line of breastfeeding products and services, including nursing bras and matching panties.
    Milkface Nursingwear Canadian
A really nice selection of nursing apparel, as well as bras, slings, breast pads, and lots of good breastfeeding info.
    Milk Mommy Milk
This site focuses on "Empowering Mothers with Style," and offers a lovely collection of organic nursing and maternity wear.
    Milk Nursing Wear
"The freshest nursingwear on the planet" -- A large and unique collection of chic nursing apparel, including tops, dresses, lingerie, accessories, plus sizes, and a sale page.
    Milky Way Singapore
This Singapore-based business sells their own line of nursing wear, as well as some maternity items and toys for baby, too!
    Modest Middles
"Nursing Tank Tops that make any shirt into a nursing shirt & let you... Wear What You Want!"
    Mom 4 Life
Sells Bravado bras and Glamourmom tops, as well as a large variety of other parenting tools.
    Mommy Gear
A nice-sized line of well-priced nursingwear and pumps, and they have a sale page!
    Mommy's Own
This site has some really nice Majamas nursing apparel and bras, plus a lot of other useful items.
    Moms R'Us Singapore
"Maternity Clothes & Nursing Wear for the Fun & Funky Expecting Mothers & Breastfeeding Moms!" (I love it when a site provides its own description that I can just copy-and-paste! *grin*)
    Motherhood Nursingwear
Motherhood, the big maternity chain in most malls, has expanded their line of reasonably-priced nursing clothes. (In my experience, their clothes tend to shrink, so you might want to buy a little big!)
    A Mother's Boutique
This site offers a very large selection of nursing apparel and lingerie, as well as pumps, slings, and other handy things.
    Mothers En Vogue Singapore
"Stylish, sassy & sexy maternity & nursing wear for the forward thinking woman" This Singapore-based business sells a large line of nursing and maternity apparel.
    Motherwear Inc.
"The Complete Catalog for the Nursing Mother". Only a small selection of their clothes is available for purchase online, but they have a great Clearance page and their Personal Shopper program. Check it out!
This site offers "the widest and most affordable range of breastfeeding clothes in New Zealand."
    Mya Maternity
This maternity site carries several dresses, tops and night wear in their "Nursing Clothing" section.
    My Lil' Miracle
This site sells almost anything you could want -- diapers, changing pads, bibs, blankets, booties, body care, potties and more, including a nice line of nursing tops and bras.
    My Nursingwear
This site sells a large line of well-designed and affordable nursing apparel, as well as lovely nursing necklaces, breastfeeding accessories, books and gifts.
    New Mother New Baby
Majamas apparel and a selection of nursing bras.
    Nine Months Etc. Inc.
Nursing products (including Leading Lady bras), pillows, and baby wear.
    9 Months to Grow
This mostly-maternity site sells a nice assortment of nursing tops, nightwear and lingerie.
This site features a large line of truly beautiful nursing bras!
    The Nursing Baby
The Simply Delicious line of nursingwear, plus slings, books, discussion boards and a great reading room.
This site stocks "comfy and stylish nursing pajamas, nursing gowns, delivery day gowns, and trendy, fun nursing tops".
    Nursing Mamas
(Formerly C. O. Nursingwear) A lovely and affordable selection of nursing apparel, bras and accessories, plus a cool page of birth stories to read, and the best baby shower favor ever: Chocolate Bellies!
    Nursing Mothers' Sewing List Tips
The list itself seems to be gone for good, but this page collects tips and hints, information on fabric and pattern sources, links on breastfeeding and sewing, etc.
    Nursing shirts that don't break the budget
From the woman that brought you Converting a Regular Bra into a Nursing Bra, simple directions for sewing your own nursing shirts.
    Nurtured Family
This site sells nursing bras, tops and gowns as well as baby carriers, cloth diapers, and related accessories.
    One Hanes Place
Cheap deals on Playtex, Barely There, and Leading Lady bras and tanks.
    One Hot Mama
Cool, stylish nursing clothes and breastfeeding support. They do have a Clearance page!
    PajamaGrams for New Moms
This site sells a nice assortment of maternity and nursing sleepwear, which you can purchase and customize as a lovely gift for a new mom or mom-to-be.
    Pickles and Ice Cream
"Plus-size Maternity Fashions". The do sell a small but versatile line of nursing clothes (click on the hangers to scroll through the items).
Maternity and nursing apparel in plus sizes. They have a sale page!
    Plus Size Nursing Bra and Clothing Resources
Many resources for plus-size nursing clothes, mostly snail addresses but a few online as well.
Ok, this business is based in Amsterdam and the page is in Dutch, so I'm taking it on faith that they do in fact sell nursing apparel here. Looks like a nice site, though!
    The Pump Station
A large line of nursing clothes and bras as well as breastfeeding supplies, baby and preemie clothes, and a lot of other things, too.
    Queen Bee
This site, offering "stylish sexy modern maternity + nursing wear", is the largest supplier of breastfeeding clothes in Australia. They have a very wide line of very nice stuff!
    Rooti Tooti
This site sells their own line of nursing tops and dresses. They are based in England but ship worldwide.
    Royce Lingerie
UK-based business selling nursing and support bras.
    Self Expressions
Along with all sorts of pumps, pillows, slings, and things, this site sells the Medela line of nursing bras.
"Fabrics, patterns and notions for babies, children and moms". They sell a bunch of patterns for nursing tops, dresses, jackets, and swimsuits, as well as one for a sling.
This Dutch site sells a nice range of nursing apparel and accessories.
    Shower Your Baby
Along with all kinds of baby gifts and baby furniture and baby clothing and baby etc., this site offers some really gorgeous designer nursingwear under the category "Sexy Maternity/Nursing Wear!"
This "nursing cami for breast feeding" promises "no flaps, no snaps, no fuss"!
    Special Addition
Maternity and nursing clothes as well as breast pumps, slings, lingerie, books, music, videos and more!
    Stylin' Mama
This site sells all sorts of lovely maternity and nursing apparel.
Search for "nursing" to find nursing tanks and bras.
    Title 9 Sports
In their Maternity Fitness section, they sell something called "The Best Nursing Bra Ever". It looks comfy!
This site has a huge selection of nursing and maternity apparel, and even a clearance page!
    Two Texas Belles
This site carries the Jeunique Custom-Fitted Bra, which can be worn through pregnancy, while nursing, and after weaning. They also sell various other pregnancy and non-pregnancy support garments.
    The Maternity Store at Underworks
Some nursing bras, pads and gowns may be found among the maternity items.
    Under Mother's Heart
Lovely nursing and maternity night wear, individually made using heirloom sewing techniques, as well as an expanding line of nursing day wear.


    A Woman's Work
In their breastfeeding shop (linked), a large selection of nursing apparel, intimates, and accessories.


A small line of unique maternity/nursing bras are available here. They look really comfortable!!


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